Am I a Millennial?

If you are between the age of 28 to 43 years old then you are a Millennial. Millennials were born from 1981 to 1996.

How old are Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers are 60 to 78 years old. Boomers were born from 1946 to 1964.

What generation am I?

Use our interactive generation chart below to see what generation you:

Generation Name Current Age Approx. Years Generation Summary & Attributes
Generation Alpha

Gen A, Gen Alpha, Digital Natives
Today Alphas are 0 to 11 years old 2013 - 2025
(approx. 12 years)
Gen A'ers are tech-savvy from a young age, have multicultural awareness, and are environmental and socially conscious.
Generation Z

Gen Z, iGen, Zoomers, Centennials
Today Gen Z'ers are 12 to 27 years old 1997 - 2012
(approx. 15 years)
Gen Z'ers are concidered "digital natives". They are socially conscious and value inclusivity and authenticity.

Gen Y, Echo Boomers
Today Millennials are 28 to 43 years old 1981 - 1996
(approx. 15 years)
Known for being tech-savvy, demographically diverse, socially conscious, and driven by work-life balance
Generation X

Gen X, Baby Busters, Latchkey Generation, MTV Generation
Today Gen X'ers are 44 to 59 years old 1965 - 1980
(approx. 15 years)
Gen x'ers are described as disaffected, independent, adaptable; shaped by economic changes, technology advancements, Dot-com Bubble, Cold War, and cultural shifts.
Baby Boomer Generation

Baby Boomers, Boomers
Today Boomers are 60 to 78 years old 1946 - 1964
(approx. 18 years)
Optimistic and hardworking; influenced by post-war prosperity, societal changes, and cultural revolutions, Boomers helped shape modern society and its values.
Silent Generation

Today the Silent Generation is 79 to 96 years old 1928 - 1945
(approx. 17 years)
Steadfast, traditional, resilient; The Silent Generation was shaped by post-World War II reconstruction, societal norms, and the dawn of modern technology.
Greatest Generation

G.I. Generation
Today the Greatest Generation would be 97 to 123 years old 1901 - 1927
(approx. 26 years)
Resilient, selfless, determined; The Greatest Generation was shaped by the Great Depression and fought in World War II. Left a lasting impact on history and society.
Lost Generation

Generation of 1914
Today the Lost Generation would be 124 to 141 years old 1883 - 1900
(approx. 17 years)
Shaped by the aftermath of World War I, the Lost Generation is described as disillusioned, introspective, unconventional; They lived through a time of societal upheavals and felt disconnected from mainstream values.
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